Life Lessons and Love Languages Review

Book Review: 

Another great book by Gary Chapman. I reviewed his original Love Languages book many years ago and have reviewed other books by him ever since. This book is more personal because he shares more about his life. It’s also about how the love languages came to be.

The book is divided into: early influences from home, powerful influence of my educational journey, lessons learned from marriage, how my children influenced me and the challenges and joys of my vocational journey. Each section has multiple chapters. At the end of each section is a Things I Learned list. Here Chapman shares his main takeaways from each point in his life.

If you have never heard of Gary Chapman this isn’t the book you will want to start with. Try The 5 Love Languages. However if you have read some of his books, you may be interested in this. Especially if you LOVE his books like me. It was nice reading this because he references other books I haven’t read yet and it makes me want to read them. I really felt like I was sitting across from him in a nice room listening to him tell his story.

Something I found funny was many times throughout the book, he adds to a story (life was different in the 30s) where the 30s changes decade depending on the story. For example he says that the lawn mower and plow were push mowers/plows as in your pushing provided the power. Then he adds (Life was different in the 40s.) It becomes like a running gag. It was also nice reading about life before I was born.

If you’re a Gary Chapman fan, you will want to buy this book.