Living in the Pink Review

Book Review: 

Living in the the Pink by Sharon Tubbs is a series of short stories that give insight into things that go on in women’s lives that they would prefer to hide or disguise. The book addresses addiction, infidelity, jealousy, wayward children, divorce, and many other difficult topics in a unique way. Each story is told from an honest point of view that comes off very genuine and believable. It was very easy to relate to these stories in a personal way. Any reader would find themselves in at least one of the stories in this book.
This is not a typical book of short stories because each story is woven together by common characters yet a different perspective and circumstance. This gives the reader a chance to feel connected to the book as they follow different characters whose lives are intertwined in a close knit church community.

I thought the underlying message of the book came through very well. Living in the Pink is similar to living halfway for God and halfway for yourself. It challenges readers to look at themselves and examine what their true intentions are and shines light on the fact that we all have areas to work on. Tubbs also gives thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter that would be great for a small group or book club.

I received a copy of this book from Lift Every Voice Books in exchange for my honest review.