Lone Star Trail Review

Book Review: 

Although not an Amish book which we all I know I love this novel was one of historical

fiction which I also love very much. This is the first of six books in the "Morgan Family Series "

This story is about two families of very different backgrounds coming together to work and heal

in their different time of needs. Jud Morgan has the weight of the world on his shoulders trying

to successfully run the family ranch after the passing of his father. His family is also dealing

with the loss of his youngest sister Billie who was kidnapped. The other family is the Fleischer's

who have just come to Texas from Germany. In a twist of faiths they find themselves staying at the

Morgan's ranch when they first get to town. The eldest of Fleischer's children Wande is as beautiful

as God makes them. Jud and Wande form a friendship that Jud cant quite figure out the meaning of. God

test both family in many ways during this book. Its a page turner to say the least. I liked it very much

and am ready to get the second one to see what happens next in this Texas town.