Lone Star Trail Review

Book Review: 

"Lone Star Trail" by Darlene Franklin, is the first in a series of 6 historical fiction books called the "Texas Trails" series. The books are centered around the Morgan family and the struggles they and the people they meet face in mid-1800s Texas. Very well written, this book quickly draws the reader into the series. Even if you aren't normally into historical fiction, "Lone Star Trail" is written in such a way that it's easy to identify with the characters and relate to their trials and struggles. Though we don't face the same types of challenges in today's society, the human spirit of blazing your own trail and providing a safe place for your family remains the same.

Here's a quick summary from the publisher:
"Judson "Jud" Morgan's father died for Texas' freedom during the war for independence. So when the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas (the Verein) attempts to colonize a New Germany in his country, he takes a stand against them.
After Wande Fleischers' fiancé marries someone else, the young fraulein determines to make a new life for herself in Texas. With the help of Jud's sister Marion, Wande learns English and becomes a trusted friend to the entire Morgan family.
As much as Jud dislikes the immigrant invasion, he can't help admiring Wande's character. She is sweet and cheerful as she serves the Lord and all those around her. Can the rancher put aside his prejudice to forge a new future? Through Jud and Wande, we learn the powerful lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation among a diverse community of believers."

I enjoyed that this book took me back to my childhood in a way because it was reminiscent of some of the themes of the "Little House on the Prairie" series. Though reading about how labor intensive day-to- day life was for the settlers in those times makes me very thankful for the modern conveniences of today, sometimes I long for those simpler times when checking our smart phones every other minute wasn't part of our society. Where waiting for the mail to arrive was the most exciting form of communication, and if someone called your house and you weren't there, they just called back later.
I've already started reading book two of the series and look forward to reading 4 more after that.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.