Long Before Luther Review

Book Review: 

The author of this book poses the question, "Was the Reformation understanding of justification through faith alone an invention or a recovery?" Author Nathan Busenitz first takes a look at the church history in documents dating from before Augustine, He then examines what Augustine has to say about justification and finally takes a look at the church after Augustine.

This book is based on documents which are duly quoted and noted in this historical survey. The conclusion of this book is that the Reformation understanding of justification was not a theological innovation never before anticipated in church history. The doctrine of justification or sola fide is anchored in God's Word and it is also affirmed throughout church history. It was not a new concept created at the time of the Reformation.

This book is for those seriously interested in theology, church history and/or the reformation. I received this book from Moody Publishers for this honest review.