Lord Change Me Review

Book Review: 

James Macdonald is a strong teacher of God’s Word. Personally, I have grown spiritually and mentally from his teaching and preaching. His latest book, Lord, Change Me is a great tool for spiritual growth and sanctification.

In this book, Macdonald breaks down change into 3 parts.

The preparation for change
The process of change
The power to change
One of the strengths of Macdonald’s writing, teaching and preaching is that he does not cut corners, nor does he pull punches. He is clear on the truth and wants readers and listeners to hone in on what God’s Word says, so that we are careful to be not only hearers but doers of the Word. One of the great aspects to this text (to prevent being a hearer only) are the questions of deeper application at the end of each section.

For a person to truly change, there has to be more than just a “try harder” mentality. There must be repentance, confession, and submission to the work of the Holy Spirit & the Word of God. Hence, the title, Lord, Change Me. It is a work of the Lord’s love and power in the reader’s life, for any change to take place.

This book is littered with scriptures for application and understanding. Macdonald has provided a strong book on a challenging subject.