Losing the Cape Advanced Reader Copy Review

Book Review: 

Superheroes are the subjects of the most popular movies and shows. Watching our favorite heroes jump in to save the day gives us hope. In fact, most kids fantasize about being one superhero or another. These fantasies can even last into adulthood. What happens when we try to serve God and realize that we don't have the skills and powers of our favorite comic book stars? Dan Stanford says that we have access to the power we need to do God's will in Losing the Cape.

Once we take a look at all the tragedies and pain in the world, it becomes easy to think that we can't do anything about it. We aren't bulletproof, don't have super strength, or the ability to fly. That doesn't mean that we are useless; we can't do everything, but we can do something. God gives us the skills and abilities to fulfill what He calls us to do.

Dan Stanford shares how little things, even ones that nobody else sees, can help and minister to others. Being on the news or in a viral video is not the only way to have influence on people. We we focus on serving God, we put others first. We stop looking at our "inadequacies" and begin using what we do have. God uses ordinary people to do amazing things.

This book is a great one for Christians to read and be encouraged to serve.

I received a free copy of Losing the Cape from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review,