The Loudest Roar Review

Book Review: 

This book is a very relevant for our current society even though it addresses nothing biblically new. Whether believer or not, everyone has fears and struggles that are hard to overcome and seem to continue to be an issue, resolution seeming impossible. As a believer, we know the only resolution is holding fast to Christ and that's exactly what Dunagan encourages us with though this book.

She structures the book with three parts and eight chapters:

- The Bigger Lion

- His Unshakable Victory

- Our Mightiest Roars

Each chapter concludes with a prayer, roar of his word (additional scripture verses) and worship song to supplement the chapter's discussion.

She made it very clear throughout the entire book that the courage and strength we need to overcome is only found in Christ and not ourselves or any worldly thing. She also reminded her readers that the victory is already won and we own that victory through Jesus - a victory we must learn to walk in every day.

Although she doesn't necessarily provide anything new or thought provoking, she does an amazing job of reminding us of our position in Christ and encouraging us to live it as Scripture tells us.

She shares personal experiences that are raw and honest, adding a level of relatability that makes us trust what she says.

I received copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.