Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away Review

Book Review: 

Can I change my spouse? Are misery and divorce the only options in a difficult or broken marriage? Am I a failure because my marriage is a mess?

This is a book that offers hope in situations where one is tempted to give up on their marriage (and with good reason). Chapman lists the myths we often believe, often without even being aware of them. The he counters them with his 'reality living' principles. It takes determination and work, but things can change.

Difficult marriage categories highlighted include abusive, apathetic, and disconnected spouses. These categories include those who are workaholics, depressed, controlling, abusive, unfaithful, and more. If you are struggling, you will probably find encouragement included in these pages.

Chapman gives examples of those whose marriages have turned around and those who haven't. He clearly states that some may need more professional help. The bottom line is that there is HOPE for those who are desperate.

I would highly recommend this book if you want to improve your marriage, whether you've been married one year or fifty years! As well, it's a great one to pass on to a friend who might be struggling and is feeling very hopeless.Who knows, it may make a world of difference. In a world where marriages don't often make it, this book really does give hope.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for this free resource in exchange for an honest review.