Marriage Carol, A Review

Book Review: 

I received this book in the mail this morning and was excited. I had recently signed up to receive books to read and review. This was the first book I chose. I am a newlywed and with all of the statistics out there and many people’s pessimism about marriage especially for younger couples I have been wary for quite some time. My husband and I knew that we were right for each other. Still, there are doubts and fears. I chose this book to start because of the promise of hope.

It is a rather short book. I love long books and was slightly disappointed when I got the package in the mail. However, between the covers there is a very strong message hidden. I would not have thought a book this short could be so meaningful and powerful but I was wrong. I sat down and once I started reading I could not put it down. It took me about an hour to read the book though I am a very fast reader. The emotion that I felt following Marlee and Jacob was surprising. The book is very well written and does a wonderful job of transporting the reader through the story. The story has parallels to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which makes it for a very interesting read. The story manages to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. It teaches you to hope and to see that things are not always the way you remember them. There may be very important details that are so small you easily miss them the first time but on a closer look back you see them clearly.

This book will be a great stocking stuffer for those who need a dose of hope and magic in their life. It is truly a magical book that will light the fires to defrost the snow around many people’s hearts. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a nice read by the fire on a snowy night.