Marriage Carol, A Review

Book Review: 

A Marriage Carol was a quick read that got straight to the point, who could argue with that? It begins with Jacob and Marlee Ebenezer in a car headed to the attorney's office to sign divorce papers on Christmas Eve in the middle of a snow storm. When after a change in route they end up in a car accident before they even reach the attorney's office. Which thank God it happened because what takes place after that transcends a miracle. Marlee can't find her husband so she sets out to find help at a nearby house. After the owner of the home helps her to get warm by the fire. He takes her on a journey that is handwritten by the Master of the Universe himself. The authors have set up a storyline that Dickens himself could not of hoped for. It makes a play on the old story The Christmas Carol but teaches us so much more. It teaches us that there is always hope even in the gravest of circumstances.
Will Jacob and Marlee go on with the divorce? Will they see how wrong they both were? I can't let you know how it ends but I can tell you it is never too late to make a change. If you would like to find out more about this book you can go here.

**Disclaimer** This book was provided to me for free through the MP Newsroom Blogger Program for my honest review.