A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

Dannah Gresh has written books for adult women, but this is the first series where she’s focusing on tween girls. While this is the companion book to the original Lies Girls Believe, I hope to get a copy of that book to read with my daughter. I’ve been reading through a variety of books so that I can have the right knowledge to have an informal chat with my daughter about things to expect as she grows up. It isn’t a subject I’m comfortable with and because of the “unknowns”, I find it helpful to read as many resources as I can. I had been looking for books to help go over the various aspects of puberty for a tween girl.

This book, as I said, is a companion guide to the Lies Girls Believe book. It has a nice introduction to the parent/guardian. The heart of the book is broken down into subjects: God, myself, my family, being a girl, boys, friendships and the future. Each section opens with a comment or question from the perspective of a tween/young girl, the truth to take to heart, a scripture that is applicable, notes to mom (aka any guardian reading the book), the lie and helpful examples taken from personal stories. Zoey is the main character used as an example, someone who struggles with each of the lies pushed by those around her. There’s an opportunity for the reader to “talk” to Zoey and offer advice. The author identifies “sticky” feelings as evidence that these lies are believed. For example, my daughter struggles with math. Actually, she’s had multiple issues at school. And when I’ve discussed it with her teacher, I’ve laid it out plainly as my daughter has said it to me. “She feels she’s the dumbest kid in the class.” That’s the lie my daughter believes: that she’s dumb. She isn’t. Math just happens to be more of a challenge for her than her peers. But that doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. So how to show her that lie is something she shouldn’t believe in? This book will definitely help. I received a complimentary copy from Moody Publisher for my review. The honest opinions in this review are my own.