A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

I am excited about the provision of this material because it arrives just in time to my life, when I can study it and then share it with my daughter! (The book is recommended for girls between 9 and 12 years old).
I did not feel the book as deep as others in the saga, but it is precisely because it is for girls and this, instead of being seen as an inconvenience, shows me that it will be accessible to many girls who may not be used to reading and can take the book as a guide or an icebreaker so that the mothers, grandmothers or aunts who take care of the formation of girls can use as a guide to talk about these issues.

If you are familiar with the other books in the series (Lies That Young Women Believe and Lies Women Believe) the process of deepening with them, according to their needs and age, will be easier for you.

Sharing about this book is very joyful for me, because finally! there is a book for girls that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth with all her experience and wisdom and Dannah Gresh, who works with girls and young women wrote it, yes, they heard us! Both of them, for many years, have also seen this need in the girls and made equipment to prepare it and be a blessing to this generation.