A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

This is such an excellent resource!
Daily, I see the things that my daughter has to deal with and it is so different from what I had to deal with at her age, as society is so different now. This book has extra additional information to go along with using the "Lies Girls Believe" book and it also offers advice on how to discuss the topics and present it with the girls. The statistics are helpful as well as the suggestions throughout of additional resources and help as some topics may be more of a struggle for some girls than others of course as each and every person is different and working through various things in their lives. I love the layout of these books, both the girls edition and the mom's as they are so easy to read through and find information and also makes it fun and interactive for the girls; this especially is important as some of the topics could be awkward or hard for girls to want to discuss. I highly recommend this study for girls and moms to work through together. This is a great opportunity for moms and girls to spend quality time together and build a solid foundation for girls to help her through the teenage years.

*Thanks to the Moody Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*