Motherhood Without All the Rules Review

Book Review: 

I am always ready and willing to read books that may potentially help me in becoming a more Godly woman, wife and mother. Combs' book Motherhood Without All The Rules does not disappoint!

The amount of emotions I felt while reading through this book was crazy: humility, conviction, encouragement, struggle, guilt, challenging, etc. Combs writes with such reality that it's very easy to relate and feel as though you are speaking with a friend. She is breathtakingly honest about her struggles as a mother within a world of ungodly rules and expectations. No one is immune to these "rules" but we have a God who is able and willing to mold us into His character.

The book consists of twelve chapters that address the world's standards as a mother vs. the Gospel standard for mothers. Her comparison of each stressful standard to the Gospel standard is convicting and eye-opening. It's easy for mothers to lose sight of the Gospel when we are plastered with worldly expectations day in and day out - social media being a huge factor in this.

The message of the Gospel allows the reader to feel free to release the weight and burden of worldly stress to the One who is able to bear it. It also allows the reader to feel free to make mistakes, to not be the best of the best, and to know that God has created us with uniqueness.

Each chapter concludes with two sections that ended up being some of my favorite portions of the book:

- Prayer: Combs includes a brief prayer that addresses each particular stressed standard in mothers' lives.

- P.S.: Combs includes additional Scripture reading that allows for deeper understanding of the Gospel Truth displayed.

I absolutely loved this book and will continue to reference it!

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.