No More Perfect Marriages Review

Book Review: 

This was a really fantastic book. This book was exactly what any marriage would need. The book directs the reader to look inward to try to identify their personal biases and beliefs, their personal behaviors and how they impact the marriage. It doesn’t just say, “hey, you guys need counselling”. This book leads you to evaluate your place in your marriage and helps you think about how you are contributing to it. THen it gives advise, stories and help to make changes to improve your marriage. I suggested this book to my husband while I was still reading it, and while I’m obviously not insisting he do it, I really hope that he will, if anything just to understand me better. The book has helped me understand myself and my husband better.

I had put some of these author’s books on my list before, and I was anxious to read them and after this one, No More Perfect Moms and No More Perfect Kids are going to the top of my list. The tone was conversational and easy to read. The authors gave suggestions without being judgemental, just focusing on trying to improve marriages. There are some things that I disagree with in Chapter 9, but that is my personal belief system. The end of the chapter has some great articles to apply the information in the chapter and evaluate your marriage. It’s also very interesting with the book coming from both spouses’ point of view, something unique that adds greatly to the value of this book.

This was a fun read and the authors give a lot of good information and advice. Even if you are not married, just in a relationship or just trying to improve yourself or relationships with friends, this book has something to offer you.

*I did receive an ARC for my review*