Not From Around Here Review

Book Review: 

There are many things that divide us as a nation and even as a church. The author examines the premise that what really divides us is where we come from. Whether we grew up in the rural areas of the country or in the suburbs or in the city, the tendency is to think that people who live elsewhere do not understand the problems faced by the people we live in the midst of including ourselves. The author relates his own experiences growing up in the rural south, being educated in the suburbs , and to eventually moving to New York City with his family. His journey illustrates the differences he experienced in each place and how our primary sense of identity comes from where we live rather than our faith.

The encouragement found in this book is to find our identity in Christ alone and to work on reconciling any differences we have with Christians who live in an area much different than where we live. The challenge is to reach out and find common ground with those we may disagree with but share a common faith in Christ.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.