Not From Around Here Review

Book Review: 

I had the privilege of reviewing a copy of this book for Moody Publishers.
Since the last election I have been trying extra hard to listen closely to why we are so divided as a country and as a people. The most disturbing has been watching the great divide happen in the church at large. O’Brien calls us out and says our identity in Christ should supersede our politics. God’s kingdom should help us unite no matter where we live or what our politics. I appreciated the challenge to rise up and be the body. O’Brien is able to do all this in a disarming way through his storytelling and vulnerability of sharing from his own life and own prejudices as he has wrestled with these issues.
I highly recommend this book to those who are trying to hear and love better in the church and in the community. There is much food for thought presented in an enjoyable fashion, although in the end he brings it back to challenge the reader to truly find and live out their allegiance to God’s kingdom overall so that they may shine the light of unity and love in this fractured culture.
“If Christ’s church in America wants to bear witness to the kingdom of God on earth, we have to figure out how to rally around our identity as His children and render all other identities secondary.”