Not a Tame Lion Review

Book Review: 

In Not a Tame Lion, Glaspey has written a fascinating biography of C.S. Lewis. That’s quite an undertaking because, as the title suggests, Lewis strode through life as a roaring lion, sharing insightful teachings, authoring incredible stories, and impacting countless lives. I appreciate that C.S. Lewis’s life is showcased chronologically, revealing his life experiences, transformations, studies, friends, loves, losses, and publications. The book is organized in two parts—His Life and His Thought.

There are many interesting facets about Lewis’s life that I either didn’t know or somehow forgot. One surprising tidbit I uncovered was, despite his books displaying childlike wonder, Lewis was quite uncomfortable around young children. I also enjoyed his view on a two-part faith—Faith A and Faith B. I really admire his faith and teachings, and how he wasn’t tame in anything he did.

This is an interesting read, especially for fans of his imaginative stories and tested faith.

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