Open the Bible in 30 Days Review

Book Review: 

OPEN THE BIBLE IN 30 DAYS was sent to me, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
OPEN THE BIBLE IN 30 DAYS is a non-fiction Christian book, written by Colin S. Smith. It was published by Moody Publishers.
This is a book that I would call a synopsis of the Bible, divided into three parts…KNOWING GOD THE FATHER, TRUSTING CHRIST THE SON, and LIVING IN THE SPIRIT. I love how he uses the Trinity to break up his chapters.
He also uses mountains and valleys. He will take us through the “highest mountains of triumph and the deepest valleys of disaster…from love to hate, and joy to dread.”
He writes is as a story, starting with the who God is and what He’s doing, in the Old Testament, moving to Jesus’ glory, pain, and suffering, in the Gospels, and finishing with our joys and struggles of life in the Spirit, in the letters. At the end, he has included a short study guide for our application.
Here is a You Tube review that is more in depth

I really like how he ends each chapter with A VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAIN or A VIEW FROM THE VALLEY.
I definitely would recommend this book, and am looking forward to his new book, MOMENTUM.