Open the Bible in 30 Days Review

Book Review: 

I signed up to join the Moody Publishers Blogger program and selected this as my first book.  I'm honored that they sent it for free for my honest review.  Y'all know I love my Bible and send a lot of time reading it and studying it.  So I was really interested in seeing what Colin S. Smith had to say and how this was different from other "how to read the Bible books."

The way it was different is, it didn't teach you how to read the Bible.  It's more of a summary of what takes place in the Bible.  This book is written for the unbeliever who is interested in Christianity or the new believer. As someone who has been a believer for a few years and actively reads and studies the Bible, there were things I felt were missing from both the Old and New Testament sections. But I guess as an overview for the two groups I mentioned before, it was just enough information without being overwhelming.  His approach to telling the story is done through high mountains and deep valleys.  It was interesting, for sure, to see how he navigated the story to fit that approach.

It was a quick read taking me a little under 3 hours over the course of 3 days.  And it only took me 3 days because I had other things take priority.  This little book has 222 pages with an Invitation to Christ, Index of Scriptures, and a 6-week Study Guide not included in that number.  It's broken up into 3 parts, with 30 chapters.  It would make for a great study for a church to offer for their new members who may be new believers.

I wasn't a fan of how he kept saying "the women" or "these women" when describing Mary and crew finding the tomb empty. The Bible clearly tells you who it was. But it's like he went out his way not to mention names (he later said Mary once). But he doesn't do this when talking about the Apostles. He calls them by name if talking about them individually or as a small group.  There were a couple of things that he mentioned that had me going to research deeper.  For example, the thieves who were being crucified with Christ on the cross were mocking Him also.  There were some details that I didn't recall, and even some that seemed to be his interpretation.  I can only assume he used other resources to get this info or just guessed (like the fact that Lazarus continued to age).

Overall, I did enjoy the book, and it was good to have a refresher of the whole story of the Bible after I read it cover to cover previously.  I give the book a 4-star rating and recommend it to every baby Christian who needs an overview of the Bible.