Our Witness to the World Review

Book Review: 

"Our Witness To The World" by Tony Evans is a quick read on the church's need to train disciples so they can lead others to faith in Jesus Christ and positively impact the world and community. Around 140 pages, the book is divided into 2 main sections:

1. Evangelism
- The church's purpose is to lead people to faith in Christ.
- Believers have the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize and lead others to Christ.
- We need to have good motives for evangelism (not just add another notch to our "spiritual conquest belt").
- Other points.

2. The church's social impact
- Believers are called to be salt in our society that preserves biblical and spiritual principles while the society around us decays.
- Focusing on "biblical justice" that gives believers a divine mandate to positively impact society and instead of focusing on "social justice" that in some cases ignores the Bible and in many cases focuses on man-made ingenuity to bring about justice.
- Practical strategies for reaching communities for Christ.

Evans' book is a good balance of spiritual references and practical application for believers to impact their world for Jesus Christ instead of just a bunch of high-sounding pious platitudes that may inspire but eventually fades away.

Good read and recommended. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.