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Book Review: 

If you've ever tried to explain the Trinity to someone you'll understand the difficulty of such an endeavor. The Trinity is one of those topics I would always refer to as a mystery of God because you can't make someone understand it, it can only be revealed. Then I saw this book and was intrigued. The Trinity and missions are two words that I never would have coupled.

In this short treatise (less than 100 pages) Christian author, professor, and minister, Michael Reeves explains the Trinity beautifully and simply. He discusses how knowing, worshipping, and evangelizing the Triune God is a game-changer in missions. When we go and evangelize, knowing and having a deep fellowship with the Triune God ( not just God, but the son and the Holy Spirit as well) makes all the difference. The individual experiences radiance, power, and love when he/she comes to know the Triune God. Reeves explains the spiritual barrenness of worshipping a god who is not three in one. Because God the Father is pleased in sharing His glory with the Son and the Holy Spirit and in turn, with us. There is joy in knowing the three persons of the Godhead as it overflows unto others.

Favorite quote: "Mission is the outworking of God’s very nature. Before we ever did anything for Him, this God comes and gives His life away for us. So mission does not start with something we do, but with something done for us" (p. 48).

This is probably the best little book on the Trinity. But don't read it in one sitting, read it slowly and savor and meditate on it.

I received a complimentary copy from Moody in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.