Parenting with Scripture Review

Book Review: 

When I first saw this book, I didn't think it was going to be unique. I own "Instruction in Righteousness" by Doorposts and I assumed it was like that. While there are similarities, this book is different: more modern, more applicable, more easily navigated. I showed it to a couple of my friends and they agreed whole-heartedly. They had seen similar books, but loved the overall set up and practicality of "parenting with scripture".

Some of my favorite points:

~ Subjects are in alphabetical order. You don't have to turn to the table of contents or index to find what you're looking for.

~A definition of each subject is listed.

~The listings are concise. Very short (averaging 2 pages each) and to the point.

~They give great applications for every one; from Scripture memorization to volunteering for charity to making lists of your blessings. Very easy to put what you're trying to teach into action.

This is an awesome book that I'd recommend to anyone. I know I will beusing it with my 5 children for years to come!