Parenting with Scripture Review

Book Review: 

I haven’t been the most consistent mother. I’m one of those mothers who wants to be her children’s friend. Bad move! I thank the Lord for a husband who provides the consistency and discipline when it is needed.

I almost passed over a book titled Parenting with Scripture. Then someone brought it to my attention that it could be used by a mother of teens. I grabbed it up. I have gotten a late start with some important lessons my children need to learn, including certain character traits of Jesus.

I’ve been wanting to teach them those character traits and hopefully instill them in my children. They do have some of the traits, but can’t we all stand to be a little (or a lot) more like Christ?

This book is a topical guide that includes some of those character traits, as well as other important subjects. The topics I plan to study with my teens first are:

A couple of these would be good motivators for their ol’ mom, but I won’t tell you which ones!

These two-pages topical teachable moments are great for a variety of ages. Each topic includes a definition of the word, Scripture references with the verses mostly taken from NIV, and discussion questions. Finish up with the “Take Action” prompt and even some parenting tips through the book.

Here’s something I’m considering doing with this book:

Since I work full-time outside the home – no summer break for mom – I may assign my kiddos one topic each day. They would look up the Scripture references in their KJV Bibles and write them down on paper. What better way to learn verses then by writing them out?

Then, they could also write out their answers or thoughts in response to the questions or share them with me when I get home at night.

I received a copy of the book from Moody Press in exchange for my honest review.