Parenting with Scripture Review

Book Review: 

Parenting With Scripture is SUCH a wonderful resource! I'm thrilled that it exists. This particular one is a reprint from 2001 with a much cuter cover, in my opinion. :) Y'all know how much I love my covers.

Kara spends the first part of the book discussing how to find teachable moments. There's always teachable moments waiting to be taken advantage of!

She then lists topics from A to Z(actually A to W). Each topic gets a two page spread, with Bible verses pertaining to the topic. I'd love to tell you that I know book, chapter, and verse by memory for every subject there is, but I'd be lying if I did! I really appreciate having a book like this for those of us like me in that regard. There's also discussion questions and tasks, a "Take Action" section, which has little challenges, a parenting tip section, and then some related topics that you can study along with it. For example, along with contentment, you can study greed and money.

As part of homeschooling, Lord willing, I hope to do purposeful "character" studies, in addition to simply learning through everyday moments. Now I don't need to buy expensive material in order to accomplish that. Parenting with Scriptures is perfect for that purpose. (I know I wouldn't HAVE to buy material in the first place, but this book makes things MUCH easier).

In case you can't tell, I definitely recommend Parenting with Scripture! It's been an awesome addition to our home shelves.

*A huge thank you to Moody Publishers for my review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.