Parenting with Scripture Review

Book Review: 

From the moment my husband and I became parents, we wanted to raise our daughter to love the Lord. It is our greatest desire for her to accept Christ and to live her life for Him.

In the day-to-day life of parents, though, we tend to get off track. We get caught up in everything that goes on with physically and mentally taking care of our daughter that we neglect the spiritual side. In reality, however, the spiritual should not just be a 'side' but should be the reason and the direction for everything else in our lives.

I was excited to get the book Parenting with Scripture to review. I sometimes struggle trying to think an appropriate verse or passage that relates to whatever we are doing through discipline or in other ares of our parenting. This book is a literal reference book of verses for many, many different situations in parenting and in life.

The author gives a few tips at the beginning on how to use this book, my favorite being to not just use this book to look up the verses. Of course, you can use this reference to find certain verses or passages, but she points out that it is always better for your children to see you going to the word of God to actually read the verses. This points them to using the Bible daily for direction. Even better, she encourages you to memorize many key verses that may come up often.

This is not only a great tool for finding Bible verses for various situations in parenting, but it is also great for adults! From anger to worry, this book is packed with verses to help in all areas of life, and I know I will use it for myself and for my daughter in the years to come.