Passion in the Pulpit Review

Book Review: 

Jerry Vines & Adam Dooley's Passion in the Pulpit: How to Exegete the Emotion of Scripture brings Vines' trilogy on the ministry of preaching to a close. In other reviews, I've discussed the first two books. This third volume, though, surpasses everything I've read in the previous two! It's an amazing resource for pastoral preaching that focuses far more on the rhetoric of preaching (an approach I've both utilized and taught for decades). The authors give us a clear and convincing place for Christian pathos -- connecting the logos (rationality) and ethos (behavior) with the emotional life.

Far too much manipulation passes for Christian preaching. That makes Passion in the Pulpit necessary reading for every preacher (and every lay person who cares about the Church's ministry of preaching).

In terms of the content, Passion in the Pulpit offers twelve chapters that show a similar structure and a unified intent to encourage the use of biblical pathos among preachers in their exegetical messages. The sections at the end of each chapter -- reflections by Vines -- seem a bit overly dramatic and utilize far too much of his own preaching as an example of good Christian pathos. But in the end, the material from the chapters far outweighs that one shortcoming.

This is an amazing resource that belongs in the personal library of every preacher!


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review here.