Passion in the Pulpit Review

Book Review: 

Here we are again, back to the "Pulpit" series. Dr. Jerry Vines wrote the first two books along with Dr. Jim Shaddix. In this book, Dr. Vines turns to Dr. Adam Dooley to teach preachers about the use of emotion in preaching and in the study of the Bible. I would consider Dr. Dooley an expert on the topic, having written his doctoral dissertation on Biblical persuasion, one of the main uses of emotion in preaching.

The authors call the emotions of the Biblical text the "missing exegetical link." I would tend to agree with them. They clearly show that most preachers do not understand the emotions that we use. We should be striving to have our emotion in the pulpit line up with the original intent behind the text. If there is a desperate plea, our emotion should show that desperation. If the author is overjoyed, then our face, our tone, and our body language should show that.

I have been blown away with the quality of the two previous books of this series and have once again seen my expectations exceeded. This series is an instant classic and should be a primary part of every preacher's collection. A strong 5 stars out of 5.