Paul and His Team Review

Book Review: 

Paul and his team by Ryan Lokkesmoe talks about the influence of Apostle Paul in early Church and the leadership lessons that can be learnt from him both by “on stage” and “off stage” leaders of today’s Church.
Apostle Paul greatly influenced those around him by his “on stage’ presence but behind the scene there were mighty men and women of God who worked hard to make Paul’s ministry successful.

“Paul and his team” gives us an insight into Apostle Paul’s spiritual journey and provides valuable lessons for everyone wanting to be in Church leadership position. Paul, as a leader, not only influenced those around him but also acknowledged their contribution in his ministry. Priscilla, Acquilla, Timothy, Silas, Erastus, Phoebe, Titus, Apollos, Epaphroditus, Epaphras, Tychicus and many more contributed in Paul’s ministry and enabled him to take the message of salvation to different places. Those “backstage leaders” strengthened Paul’s ministry in numerous ways. Paul’s teamwork strategy, if adopted under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, can equip anyone to become influential and powerful change leaders.

This book categorizes Paul’s leadership strategy into chapters. Each chapter includes discussion and reflection questions at the end.

“Paul and his team” is a great resource for anyone wanting to develop leadership skills by following Apostle Paul’s leadership style. I would highly recommend this book.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.