Paul the Apostle Review

Book Review: 

"Paul The Apostle" is a very readable and scholarly approach to the most prolific New Testament author.  The title is around 260 pages and addresses such topics as:
1.  Paul's background - Tarsus, education, life, etc.
2.  His standing in the Jewish community before coming to Christ.
3.  Circumstances leading to and just after his conversion to Christianity.
4.  Preparation for his missionary journeys.
5.  Details of his missionary journeys.
6.  Background information on the New Testament books he authored.
7.  His time in prison.
8.  His last years and eventual martyrdom.
Whether preparing Sunday School lessons, small group studies, or sermons, this book will be a valuable aid.  Very helpful and informative.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.