Paul the Apostle Review

Book Review: 

This well researched and informative book on Paul, the apostle is a valuable research aid for anyone studying Acts or the epistles of Paul. The author's purposes in writing this book was to put Paul's life, ministry, and letters in their historical context; to offer depth and detail but remain clear and accessible; to take advantage of recent research on Paul; and to create a book useful for college courses or individual study. I would say the author more than accomplishes what he set out to do.

Of particular interest to me was the insight into the culture that shaped Paul's early years living as a Dispersion Jew in Tarsus, a part of the Roman Empire. He was exposed to many different kinds of people and cultures as compared to Simon Peter, a former fisherman. He is described in his roles as a missionary (primarily to the Gentiles), a martyr, as well as a theologian. Helpful outlines of all of Paul's epistles are included in the book and the background of each is described as well.

This book books also includes a list of resources and a bibliography for those who want to continue to study the life and work of Paul. I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.