Paul vs. James Review

Book Review: 

“Faith followed by works is the calling of all true followers of Jesus.”

This is the truth of the faith vs works conversation, or the Paul vs James tension. It definitely appears at first glance there is a disagreement, but when we understand the context of the writing and the background of the disciple, things become ever more clear.

Chris Bruno is very knowledgeable about this topic and does a wonderful job weaving together a concise yet content-filled book that overwhelmingly clarifies the unity between Paul and James. Using Abraham, Paul and James start from different points in his life, with Paul seeing the beginning of his faith and belief in God and James seeing the proof of his faith in his obedience. Bruno writes, “Faith and works are distinct but ultimately inseparable and absolutely necessary for true followers of Jesus." There is a deep, inseparable connection between faith and works.

*Note: Moody Publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*