Pearl in the Sand Review

Book Review: 

Oh, how I love to actually LIVE inside a story. A Pearl in the Sand is a gorgeous, captivating, soul-touching story based on the Biblical story of Rahab. I will miss these characters and the many emotions they put me through!

Biblical fiction breathes a new kind of life to the Bible stories I’ve read since youth. It’s so evident that great care was taken to be historically accurate with customs and beliefs and yet, the fictional aspects don’t take away an ounce of the original story’s wonder.

In this story of love, faith, forgiveness, and redemption, Rahab and Salmone put me through the wringer. I was sympathetic to all Rahab had to overcome, in awe of Joshua’s leadership and Miriam’s strength, and appalled at Rahab’s father’s errors. And then there’s Salmone, who may have undergone the deepest transformation. He pierced my heart in oh so many places.

And don’t miss the sweet treat discovered in the epilogue. It’s so meaningful and gave me chills.

All. The. Feels.

I’ve read several of Tessa Afshar’s stories, and though difficult to pick a favorite, this is certainly one of my favorites. And the part in the book when I realized the true significance of the pearl…oh my.

Every aspect of this book is spectacular, right down to the dedication page. The writing is strong and effective, the characters are believable and easy to connect with, the history transported me, and I experienced emotions in Biblical proportions.

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I received an advanced copy of this 10th anniversary book from the publisher. Opinions expressed are completely my own.