Pearl in the Sand Review

Book Review: 

As soon as I finished 'Pearl in the Sand' I immediately looked online to see if Tessa Afshar had any other books like it. I LOVED it. While I know this book is embellished with a lot of details and events that we don't have in Scripture, it truly made the biblical account of Rahab come to life for me. The author clearly states that this is a fiction book based on a real event and real people. I thought it was the perfect balance of historical facts....location, time period, people, details of the battles, etc... mixed with a story of what life was possibly like for Rahab. I'm not great at remembering historical details from Scripture, but after reading this novel, the details that are factual have STUCK with me. Being lost in the story and letting it play out like a movie in my head helped me remember the details.
The author did a wonderful job keeping it as realistic as possible. She also did a wonderful job giving us a glimpse into the emotions Rahab probably TRULY felt. Seeing her desire to know the one true God, while God simultaneously was saving her and bringing her to Him for His glory was amazing.

I received a copy of this book through Moody Publishers. All opinions are my own.