Perfect Pet for Peyton, A Review

Book Review: 

Reading books to my children at night is tradition, reading books that they like, well that becomes harder with age. I do have 1 new teenager and one just over the 10 border, but they still love listening to stories with their little brother. We read together because it is family time, it is one secure time of day where we know there are no interruptions and that we can just be. Words envelope our thoughts with visions being created and illustrated in the books we read. What I look for is a book that is interesting, may have pages that allow for interaction and can be read again.

I read A PERFECT PET for PEYTON by Rick Osborne and Gary Chapman first to my 2nd grader and then to the older ones. What an excellent book. The book is best suited for children from K-4th in my opinion.

The Background:

Penny & Peyton are twins are having a birthday. The twins wanted a pet for their birthday and they had already dropped enough hints that their parents knew as well. Based on the Five Love Languages the twins will identify with a pet and decipher which pet should come home with them!

It is not the story I am going to review for you but the UNUSUAL learning methods set forth in the book. There are Five Love Languages that are highlight throughout the book. At the end of the book there is a 'quiz' based on the five love languages. In essence if a child can anchor towards a pet they prefer in the book because their characteristics mimic that animal you might be able to figure out which LOVE LANGUAGE your child identifies with most.

The Five Love Languages :


Word of Affirmation

Quality Time

Physical Touch

Acts of Service

Through asking a series of questions the animal trainer(in the story) can figure out what animal a child most closely aligns with, when the trainer has spoken to and watched all the children interact he reiterates the traits that are related to a particular animal and he provides that animal. As the traits are identified each category is described and children begin to associate what at trait is through words.

In addition to the book having word identification(vocabulary building), the book also offers pages that are interactive. Pages are interactive where the child might be asked to find an insect on the page, identify a certain number of animals, and so forth. The book alone strives to be interactive even if it is not being read aloud.

I am sure you will enjoy this book as much as we do. I believe it is best geared for children from kindergarden-4th grade.

I did receive a copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.