The Power of Preaching Review

Book Review: 

The Apostle Paul, though the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, charged Timothy to fulfill his divine calling to “preach the Word” in 2 Timothy 4:1-2. Do you also feel called to preach but aren’t sure how to carry it out?

In his new book The Power of Preaching: Crafting A Creative Expository Sermon, highly respected pastor, author, and Bible teacher Tony Evans shows those who have been called to preach how to live this out!

The Power Of Preaching is the first book that Tony has released in the new The Kingdom Pastor’s Library series and it is both practical and inspirational in scope. On the practical side, Tony shares concise methodologies for sermon preparation, organization and presentation. If you need basic information on how to topics such as how to create a sermon, how to create a master preaching calendar, or have general questions about preaching, chances are what you are looking for is covered in this book!

Just as important, however, are Tony’s inspirational notes on how a pastor (or a pastor-to-be) needs to prepare spiritually be leading a holy life. Pastors should not only have a burning desire to communicate God’s truth but also to display God’s truth in their lives.

If God has called you to preach, be sure to include this highly recommended book in your pastoral library!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.