Power in the Pulpit Review

Book Review: 

Power in the Pulpit is a modern classic for preachers on the art of preaching. While many books on preaching focus simply on the sermon formation or on the act of preaching, Power in the Pulpit balances both aspects of preaching. Vines and Shaddix give a convincing argument for the use of expository preaching. They write, “God sovereignly has connected His Word with His agenda of affecting life change in people. In other words, the Scriptures are actually the supernatural agent that fosters this recreative process in the lives of people…Exposition, therefore, is rooted in a clear conviction about the sufficiency of Scripture.” (p. 67) Power in the Pulpit gives a reason for expository preaching, shows the heart the expositor must possess, and the means of expository preaching. This is a must-read for all preachers.

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