A Practical Guide for Praying Parents Review

Book Review: 

If you are a believer and a parent, there is no doubt that you should have a strong desire to pray for your children consistently. As parents, we come to a very quick realization that parenting cannot be done on our own – only through Christ can we parent and guide our children towards an everlasting faith.

Lutzer doesn’t shy away from bold statements. The very first paragraph lays a claim that it is a sin for parents not to pray for their children – based off 1 Samuel 12:23. He uses this book to teach parents and grandparents how to effectively pray for children and grandchildren but also how to be consistent with that prayer. Scripture is living and active – thus a powerful tool to be used in prayers for our children and grandchildren.

I love that his first chapter focuses on us as the parent and grandparent. Our first question to the Lord should be “how must I change in the Lord?”. We cannot be effective prayer warriors without first seeking to sharpen ourselves through Christ.

Lutzer structures the book with four chapters spread throughout only sixty-three pages. It’s a short, easy read and can very well be used as a pocket resource. He then concludes the book with a specific prayer for each day of the week. He also includes a prayer for your family for the Nations as well as a brief explanation to the question “Should I Fast for My Child?”

Overall, this is a wonderful book full of Scripture, Prayer, and Godly direction for parents and grandparents in living out a fervent prayer life for their children and grandchildren.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.