A Practical Guide for Praying Parents Review

Book Review: 

This is a useful resource for parents who are wanting guidance in more specific prayers for their children. There are a lot of prayers Lutzer includes for you to use in addition to your own prayers, which is helpful sometimes when you feel like you've been praying for the same things. He uses a lot of Scripture in his prayers, which I liked. Lutzer wants parents to know the power of prayer and to encourage parents to be faithfully consistent in praying for their children even when they don't see obvious answers or results. He starts off the book with a chapter called "Lord Change Me" and it was a great place to start: praying to ask God to reveal any selfishness, wrong priorities, weaknesses, or blatant sin that could be getting in the way of a parent's desire to pray for their children. "Lord Change Their Hearts", "Lord, Let Sin Become Bitter, so Grace May Become Sweet", and "Lord, I Refuse to Let Satan Have My Child" are the four chapters with his commentary, followed by a concluding prayer. The second half of the book is a collection of prayers for each day of the week, each with a different theme. For example, Monday is "A Prayer of Blessing for Our Children", Tuesday is "A Prayer to Keep Our Children From Evil", and so on. The prayers and the text seemed to be focused on older children, specifically those who have chosen not to follow Christ, so it did not seem super applicable in some ways. But I took the overarching idea of prioritizing specific prayer for my child. I have specific things I pray for my son for each day of the week (Mondays, I pray for him to be drawn to the Lord and accept Him as savior one day, Tuesdays I pray for him to grow in the fruit of the spirit, etc). But this gave me more ideas of ways I can pray for him, so it was useful overall.