Predicting Jesus Review

Book Review: 

I always love a good bible study and this one is no exception. The Old Testament is often ignored by many believers for many unbiblical reasons: not relevant, too confusing, not applicable, doesn't relate to Jesus, etc. All of these are simply excuses for our lack of desire to truly understand the Jesus of the Old Testament.

Erickson does a great job of introducing us to the OT book Isaiah - a book full of incredible foreshadowing of Jesus and the work of the God.

The study is structured into six weeks, each including five full days of study.

What I love most about the study is the linking of the message in Isaiah to the message in the New Testament. The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament and Erickson does a wonderful job of bringing that to light.

Each week she introduces the concept being discussed and each daily study includes scripture reading, quotes, context, and much more. Day five is a reflection day which is followed by reflection questions that can be used for individual study or group study.

The study is challenging, digs deep into the Word, and provides a wonderful view of our Lord Jesus.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.