Priceless Review

Book Review: 

The teenage years can feel like a roller coaster ride with emotions hitting highs and lows, often in the same day. Priceless by Jen Barrick is a 30 day devotional designed to teach teen girls how to communicate with God and navigate these days wisely.

“You’ve probably heard people talk about how unstable your feelings are, and they probably weren’t talking about them in a positive way. Maybe it almost made you feel like something was wrong with you or like you didn’t have the freedom to be yourself … What if [this age] is the perfect age for you to learn to worship God with all your heart and soul because you are bubbling over with feelings? What if God planned this special time as you blossom into adulthood to capture your whole heart because your heart is so full?

(taken from page 14)

The author shares her personal story of an accident which left her with devastating injuries and her life forever altered. The one remaining and unchanging aspect of her life was her faith in God.

Priceless was written based on the author’s own feelings and thoughts as she worked her way through the most difficult and challenging days of recovery. She explores feelings of being abandoned, afraid, confused, disappointed, fat, invisible, tired, ugly, and unpopular to name a few.

Each day includes a short devotional, a prayer, and often an action step. The author hopes for teenage girls is for them to discover they are priceless, loved infinitely by God, and He has a plan for each life.

The devotionals are written transparently and authentically resulting in daily readings which will resonate with teenage girls. This is a wonderful book not only for teenage girls but for those working with teenage girls.

*I was provided a copy of this book by Moody Publishers for review. All opinions are honest and my own.