Priceless Review

Book Review: 

This is one of the sweetest, meaningful devotionals I have probably ever read. The daily devos are easy to read, engaging, and totally relateable. Each little chapter begins with a feeling and then adds a truth. For example, "When I feel beautiful. . . I'm reflecting God's glory"; "When I feel invisible. . . I'm seen & known"; "When I feel like giving up. . . I'm about to be rescued" (and so on). Through the trials and joys of her own life, author Jen Barrick pulls experience and humor into each devo, effectively getting down to the level of each girl and whatever fear they face. She stresses that when we have those days of not feeling enough, God's enough-ness more than covers us.

Jen's story in itself is a work of love & miracles. She had prayed for God to grant her a boldness, but little did she know He would answer that prayer through the trials of a severe car accident & brain injury. What a testimony! and a challenge to live out loud the Hope we have in Christ.

This devotional is a beautiful and simple way to teach girls & teens how to study Scripture AND put it to work in their own lives.