Privilege of Persecution, The Review

Book Review: 

The title immediately caught my attention, The Privilege of Persecution. How is persecution a privilege? One “privilege” became evident to me, persecution brings us closer to God. The book draws a contrast between the persecuted Church and the American Church:
The persecuted church is not interested in “getting in step” with their culture. When they come together in worship, they are coming to an outpost of heaven; they are experiencing a foretaste of what it may be like to be standing before God’s throne. They don’t want to leave, because when they do, what they go back to is hell.
This paints a picture of a typical Sunday service in America. People reservedly enter the building, rush from place to place, check their watches or phones, then quickly exit the building. What a contrast!
This book opens a door into the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world. We get that glimpse into their lives from 6 aspects of the Christian life: God and His Word; worship and the Church; prayer and dependence; community, culture, and evangelism; leadership, authority, and power; and generosity and stewardship.
The authors state:
There is an echo in our lives that longs for that simple, soul-satisfying, no-frills relationship. We get glimpses of it when our family or close group of friends is together and relaxed. It’s the same sort of feeling we get after finishing a satisfying meal.
That feeling is an echo of the original image of God.
I long for this kind of peace and this book helped me understand that longing a little better. I desire to be the Church and quit simply going to church.
This book is a must read!
I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.