Progress in the Pulpit Review

Book Review: 

Progress in the Pulpit is the much anticipated sequel to the popular and brilliant Power in the Pulpit. While Power in the Pulpit was essentially a book on how to preach expositionally, Progress in the Pulpit is about becoming improving one's sermon practices and becoming more efficient in that preaching. While a large section of this book is repetitive in nature to Power in the Pulpit, much can be learned once Vines and Shaddix move toward explaining how preachers are to progress in their duties. The latter end of this book was incredibly challenging to me as I contemplated their wisdom on communicating the sermon and its effects to the congregation. While many pastors think that their days of reading about preaching are long gone, Progress in the Pulpit makes a compelling case for necessary improvement. This book is written for pastors who have been preaching for awhile, asking them to continue in learning how to better preach the Gospel. I know I will.

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