Progress in the Pulpit Review

Book Review: 

Vines & Shaddix did an exceptional job on growing in your preaching. This book is good for both beginners and seasoned preachers. There are three parts in this book: Defining the Sermon, Developing the Sermon, and Delivering the Sermon. This will book will help any preacher grow in their faithfulness to God's Word.

Chapter 2 deals with having a devotional life and being a holy man of God. They expound on the ongoing communication between the preacher and God. God speaks to us through His Word and we speak to him in prayer. Prayer is a difficulty duty because of the various distractions but it can be accomplished when done scriptural. Prayer and a constant digest of God's Word are both needed for effective preaching. Without spiritual disciplines, preachers will not minister in the Spirit but in the flesh.

The book continues by talking about pulpit discipleship. One of the major points that I enjoyed is preaching matures communities as well as individuals. God uses preaching to help bring spiritual maturity to any group of people. Satan fights the preaching of the Word because the preaching of the Word unveils his plans and reveals the Lord Jesus.

I cannot recommend this book enough. This book will deal with the preacher as well as the sermon. You can't help but grow after carefully and prayerfully study this book along with scriptures and applying what you have read.

I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.