Psalms (Everday Bible Commentary Series) Review

Book Review: 

Moody Publishers has been re-releasing the Everyday Bible Commentary series. These were originally printed 60 years ago. Written by a variety of trusted well-known Bible scholars, so you can trust the reliable biblical commentary these writers provide. These commentaries will help you with digging deeper into understanding the Scripture, so you can apply the Word to your life and understand our God and His glory. What a wonderful way to read and study the Bible! I have been going through the Psalms-Everyday Bible Commentary written by Robert Alden. I am using this commentary with my Bible and prayer time as I read and study through the Psalms.

The Psalms-Everyday Bible Commentary provides an introduction to the book and a commentary for each Psalms that are two to five pages in length. You will need your Bible to read the Psalms with the commentary. Alden’s writing is easy to understand, so these are great if you don’t have experience studying the Bible, but also very helpful if you have been reading and studying the Bible for a long time, as this will enhance your understanding.

These Everyday Bible Commentary’s are great resources to have. I am really enjoying learning more about the Psalms. Here is an explanation about the use of this commentary: “This study seeks a balance between the obvious and the hidden, between the technical and the simple, between that which is old and well-known and that which is novel and perhaps provocative or even controversial.”