The Pursuit of God Review

Book Review: 

The Pursuit of God is probably the first book I ever read by A. W. Tozer. I was fifteen and was absolutely amazed at how I was riveted to this book as much as novels riveted me. In my young mind it was dumbfounding. Since then I had always intended to reread the title but never had. I wanted to see if the book still had the same effect on me. Well it did. In my opinion this is the best book by Tozer – EVER. From front to back it’ll take you on a remarkable journey and teach very important topics. It’s a necessity in any Christian’s library. I remember comparing this to a theology course I was taking in high school at the time and wishing so very much that instead of reading A. W. Pink I was reading A. W. Tozer. Honestly, for any fifteen-year-old to want that, you know it’s got to be good stuff. This book had a pretty good impact on my life as I hope it continues to do so. Many thanks to Moody for bringing this title around again – great read, highly recommend.
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