Raising Men, Not Boys Review

Book Review: 

Add another good resource to the list of books available for Christian parents seeking to raise their boys to be God-fearing young men. The clear purpose of the book is to explain biblical principles and illustrate various ways they can be lived out by parents as they seek to shepherd  sons into mature godly men in the 21st century.

In the introduction, Fabarez is clear (pp. 14-15) to recognize some of the ideas he suggests are simply applications of the way their family has sought to live out the biblical truths and principles. He recognizes some of the specifics covered are biblical and others are simply his interpretation and extrapolation of important areas of life and encourages the reader to consider the respective levels of importance in following the ideas.

In terms of strengths, there are many. First, the author covers all the key areas of raising a boy from infancy to early adulthood. In doing so, there are plenty of practical examples of how a biblical principle works out in practice. Fabarez included various "What About That…" sections within the book that were beneficial and helpful in dealing with sidebar topics related to the topic of the chapter. Fabarez also dealt with potentially touchy or awkward subjects with a good mix of sensitivity and reality (eg. single moms raising boys). Each chapter contained clear section markings and the topics were discussed logically. Thus, the book was easy to follow and a joy to read, without becoming  monotonous or repetitive.

There is little to offer by way of criticism for this book. Fabarez achieved his stated purpose. As noted in the introduction, parents should seek other sources of input and wisdom as their son matures. Likewise, while other parenting books may be foundational to reading a book like this (or complementary), this is one I will keep on my shelf, and gladly recommend to students or families with boys.

Note: This book was provided to the author by Moody Publishers in exchange for an unbiased reviews.