Rare Leadership in the Workplace Review

Book Review: 

"Rare Leadership In The Workplace" is a timely read, especially in a day where toxic work environments seem to be the norm instead of the exception. The title is a more basic version of the "Rare Leadership" title the authors did a few years ago (another very good title) and covers many topics on the subject, including:- The difference between a mature and immature leader.- How brain science is important in mature leadership.- Four important leadership skills described with the acrostic "RARE" (remain relational, act like yourself, return to joy, enduring hardship well).- Developing a practical action plan to become a more mature leader.Things I liked about the book:- Easy to read and follow.- Good thought-provoking to ask yourself in becoming a more mature leader.- Covers a good variety of topics.- Good practical insights.The authors write from a Christian viewpoint and I would have liked to have seen more examples from the Bible when making their points. In all fairness, the book is a brief read (around 130 pages) and many more biblical examples and thoughts from a Christian perspective are mentioned in their more comprehensive "Rare Leadership" book (around 220 pages). Still, a good read and recommended for getting you on the right track for becoming a better leader.I was given a review copy by Northfield/Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.